8 Week Burn Fat Forever Course by Winter Garden Yoga

8 Week Burn Fat Forever Course

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In this life-changing 8-week Burn Fat Forever Course you will get useful weekly videos and personally written lessons where you will learn: 
  • The key to fat burning and maximum energy by eating real, whole foods.  This is based on the world popular Metabolic Effect program. 
  • How to balance nutritious, fat burning food on your plate.
  • How to manage your hunger and cravings for YOUR metabolism.
  • How to eat out at any restaurant and still maintain your healthy results.
  • How to read nutrition labels to give you fat burning and maximum energy results.
  • How to set up your pantry/refrigerator so you are always prepared.
  • How to prepare your favorite foods in a healthy way.
  • How to make your favorite foods fit in the fat burning plan so you do not feel deprived.
  • How to keep your results going for the long-term.
  • How to have a reward meal once a week to maximize your results.
  • Insider's tips and tricks to have the foods and flavors you love.
  • Personal, weekly emails with action items for you to follow for the week. 
  • Private Facebook Board for daily/weekly motivation and recipes.
  • Plus, in-plan food lists, shopping lists, food journal templates,
  • And much, much, more...

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 15 files Text Icon 25 text files


Week 1 - The Plan
Introduction to the program START HERE FIRST
BFF Course Week 1 Part 1 Video WATCH FIRST
50 mins
Foundation Plate
Lean Protein List
Lean Protein List.pdf
608 KB
Vegetable List
Vegetable List.pdf
607 KB
Fruit List
Fruit List.pdf
594 KB
Healthy Fat List
Healthy Fat List.pdf
328 KB
Foundation Plate with a Starch
Optimal Starch List
Starch List.pdf
156 KB
BFF Course Week 1 Part 2 Video
50 mins
Nutrition Protocol
Sample Eating Plan
Snack Options
Snack Options.pdf
512 KB
Smoothie Guidelines
Smoothie Video.mp4
11 mins
Suggested Supplements
Shopping List.pdf
651 KB
Food Journal
Printable Food Journal
269 KB
Excel Spreadsheet Journal
51.7 KB
Taking Your Measurements
Printable Measurement Sheet
611 KB
Week 2-Food Prep
Food Prep Video Week 2
5 mins
Food Preparation
Freezer Crock Pot Meals
Mason Jar Salad .pdf
375 KB
Week 3 - Eating Out/Events/Parties
Eating Out Video Week 3
17 mins
Eating Out
Eating at an Event or a Party
Week 4 - Reward Meal and Buffer Foods
Buffer Foods
Buffer Foods Video Week 4
21 mins
Reward Meal
Reward Meal Video Week 4
10 mins
Can I have alcohol?
Week 5 Reading Nutrition Lables
Reading Nutrition Labels
Nutrition Labels Video Week 5
27 mins
Week 6 - Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator/Pantry
Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator and Pantry
Cleaning Out Pantry-Fridge Video Week 6
5 mins
Pantry Refrigerator Food List.pdf
533 KB
Non-Insulin Rising Sweeteners.pdf
502 KB
Week 7 Revamping Recipes
Revamping Recipes
Revamping Recipes Video Week 7
14 mins
Revamping Recipes Replacement List.pdf
631 KB
Week 8 Moving Forward
Moving Forward - HEC Protocol
Moving Forward Video Week 8
15 mins

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