Beginner's Yoga 1.0 by Winter Garden Yoga

Beginner's Yoga 1.0

This is a classic. It's our very first follow along video released circa 2012.

Follow along with Brian as he takes you through a pain-free, muscle toning Beginner's level yoga class.
You will get 40 minutes of a safe Functional Yoga Instruction practice that will leave you feeling invigorated, strong, and mobile! 

This is truly a beginner's level class. 

No pretzel poses.  

Every pose has a ton of benefit and low risk.  

That is the Winter Garden Yoga way! 

Find out why everyone's talking about the only yoga method that doesn't require flexibility. 

What's included?

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Watch This First
5 mins
Beginner's Yoga 1.0 Digital Download
43 mins