Body Maintenance Workshop

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Whether you know it or not and whether you exercise or not, your body is getting tighter and stiffer each and every day. 

Especially as you get older … and no one is immune.

That means symptoms like “sciatica”, “plantar fasciitis”, back pain, and stiff neck and shoulders will rear their ugly heads. And that keeps you from playing with your grand-kids, going for a nice walk … basically, making your life miserable.

But there’s good news! 

If you take simple, consistent, daily steps to get in front of this damaging curve you can slow down, stop, and even reverse the inevitable.

That’s where Body Maintenance comes in.

Our Online Body Maintenance Workshop teaches you an easy to follow system that will increase your flexibility, mobility, and soft tissue quality. Plus it gives you vital feedback to the current state of your body ... in real time.

Simply put, you’ll be able to say goodbye to those annoying “unexplained” aches, pains, and tweaks.

You’ll learn to assess and address any tightness, stiffness, or immobility before you do yoga, train with weights, go for a run, or sit behind your desk. 

And by taking care of small issues, you may stop them from becoming big issues.

Body Maintenance is the perfect way to start or finish your day, or just to free yourself after an endless shift at work. 

Learn to release your tight muscles, stretch, and breathe … a potent (and proven way) to unlock yourself ... by yourself.

"All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” - Dr. Kelly Starrett, Author of Becoming A Supple Leopard

Your teeth need maintenance. Your car needs maintenance. And so does your body.

“Thank you Brian for this informative and helpful workshop.  I learned so much about the human body today it’s hard to narrow my aha moment to just one. [...] To realize that my body is connected that way and to then learn a method of assess, relieve, release, and reset gives me so much hope for healing my body and then maintaining it.  It reduced my confusion about my pain and gave me a way to help myself. Thank you again! M….” 

Includes informative video clips taking you step-by-step through the entire process. Plus you'll get a PDF of the presentation and assessment tracking sheet.

What's included?

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1. Body Maintenance Presentation
33 mins
2. Body Maintenance-Why Do We Assess?
10 mins
3. Body Maintenance Assessments
17 mins
4. Body Maintenance Revive
47 mins
5. Body Maintenance Release
23 mins
6. Body Maintenance Reset
17 mins
Body Maintenance 2019 Slide Show
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Body Maintenance Assessment Score Sheet
253 KB