Kettlebell Essentials by Winter Garden Yoga

Kettlebell Essentials

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Have you wondered about kettlebells and how to use them correctly?

Kettlebell Essentials is a life changing experience with kettlebell experts, Kathy Hall and Brian Friedman.

Get a ton of powerful insider’s secrets that will teach you how to use a kettlebell safely and effectively.

If this is you, then you need to invest in this amazing program.

Kathy and Brian take you step-by-step, so you will learn … 

  • Which size kettlebell is right for you.  
  • How to lift your kettlebell properly. 
  • How to correct the most common mistakes.
  • How to perform the Get Up, The Swing, The Goblet Squat, and The Plank.
  • A follow along workout that brings everything together nicely. 

What's included?

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Kettlebell Essentials Digital Download
59 mins