Functional Yoga Instruction Ebook by Winter Garden Yoga

Functional Yoga Instruction Ebook


An approach to yoga that does not emphasize flexibility. 

Functional Yoga Instruction teaches you how to develop strength and injury prevention through the ancient art of hatha yoga. 

Reveal your undiscovered source of inner strength by exploring proper alignment and movement patterns that become the templates for all of your physical activity. 

The Functional Yoga Instruction EBOOK download delves deeply into the history, philosophy, and methodology of the yoga system that is changing the way teachers think about yoga. 

Your practice will never be the same after reading Functional Yoga Instruction.

 - Part one is the history of FYI 

 - Part two contains the methods for doing 16 of the most fundamental yoga postures correctly and safely 

- Part three is the flow of an FYI Level 1 class. 

The amazing benefits speak for themselves. 

First you will learn how to do the poses correctly (and safely) and then you will be able to apply what you learned in a real yoga class setting. 

Don't miss your chance to be in the forefront of the yoga industry. 

Functional Yoga Instruction teaches you the philosophy, methodology, and the protocols that are changing the way yoga is being taught around the globe.

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