Intermediate Yoga 2.0 by Winter Garden Yoga

Intermediate Yoga 2.0

Have you mastered the basics?

Are you ready to learn some more incredible high benefit/low risk yoga moves?

If you said, "yes", then grab your mat and follow along with me.

You'll go through a simple but powerful warm up to get your mind and body prepared for this muscle toning practice.

You'll flow your way through standing balance poses and directly into hatha yoga classics such as Warrior 2 and Side Angle pose.

This practice cultivates full body awareness and a strong focus on alignment. You'll open your hips, shoulders, and activate your core strength. 

You'll also tone your arms and legs ... it's the whole "nine yards" in only 25 minutes!

Grab your mat and follow along ... always using your best judgement and honor where your are today!

What's included?

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Watch This First
5 mins
Intermediate 2.0
28 mins