Joint Mobility (Level 2) by Winter Garden Yoga

Joint Mobility (Level 2)

Have you felt the benefits of Joint Mobility (Level 1)?

Are you ready for more?

Joint Mobility is low impact, high repetition, exercise designed to remove joint salts and other waste products that prohibit your joints from moving freely.

In other words, a series of simple moves that take the rust out of your hinges.

As you become older (or more sedentary) your body produces calcium deposits between your joints.

These deposits or "joint salts" can displace the lubricant between your joints and make it difficult (and sometimes painful) to achieve a full range of motion.

Joint Mobility breaks up these waste products and flushes your joints with a lubricant called synovial fluid so your motion can be restored.

Level 2's focus is on circular exercises taking your range of motion into deeper levels of pain-free movement.

Your body should feel energized and prepared to take on the day's activities.

What's included?

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Joint Mobility (Level 2)
26 mins
Joint Mobility (Level 2) Bonus
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