Joint Mobility Workshop

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Have you heard?

According to Daily OM, "Keeping your body moving is the greatest way to prevent age-related physical issues." 

That's what makes this powerful digital download essential.

Joint Mobility is low impact, high repetition, exercise designed to remove joint salts and other waste products that prohibit your joints from moving freely.

In other words, a series of simple moves that take the rust out of your hinges.

As you become older (or more sedentary) your body produces calcium deposits between your joints.

These deposits or "joint salts" can displace the lubricant between your joints and make it difficult (and sometimes painful) to achieve a full range of motion.
Joint Mobility breaks up these waste products and flushes your joints with a lubricant called synovial fluid so that your motion can be restored.

A Russian scientist named Nikolay Amosov discovered that he could slow down, stop, and even reverse the aging process of his joints by performing simple movements in high numbers.

These same movements helped me restore my left hand and wrist to fully functioning ... even after doctors didn't think I'd ever be able to use them again.

Now it's your turn to reclaim better mobility and healthy movement.

Here's what you'll learn in this incredible presentation:

  • The Spine Series. According to Steve Maxwell (Master Trainer and Fitness Expert), you can "stave off the ravages of old age" by learning to restore mobility to your spine.
  • The Shoulder Series. Mobile shoulders can help improve your performance in such things as walking, running, and help you stay fully functional for the rest of your life.
  • The Foot Strengthener Series.The source of knee, hip, back, shoulder, and neck pain can be weak feet. This series helps to strengthen this often overlooked area of physical health.
  • The Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Series. Ward off symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and other symptoms related to repetitive stress syndrome injuries.
  • A follow along video to help you "put everything together" and create your own routines.
  • Much, much, more!

What's included?

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1. Joint Mobility Presentation
8 mins
2. Joint Mobility Instruction
(1h 01m 18s)
3. Joint Mobility Follow Along
15 mins
Joint Mobility Hand-Out
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