Power Yoga 2.0 by Winter Garden Yoga

Power Yoga 2.0

Power Yoga 2.0 is a fun and challenging workout for anyone who doesn't like the gym scene or anyone who needs a little extra push.

You are invited to get your heart rate up, sweat, and get your blood pumping.

Power Yoga 2.0's amazing sequence provides a full mind/body experience to burn unwanted calories, connect you to your breath, and get your muscles toned.

Yes, this practice moves a little quicker than some, but you're always encouraged you to move at your own pace and listen to your body's intuition.

Take your time and grow with this fantastic practice. 

Get ready to build sought after strength in your legs, firm your glutes, tone your arms, and connect to your core. 

Grab your mat and let's go!

What's included?

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Power Yoga 2.0
35 mins