Yoga Music - Echoes by Winter Garden Yoga

Yoga Music - Echoes

Not only is the correct yoga music necessary for creating the right atmosphere, it is essential. 

Unlike other soundtracks, Echoes is perfect for all styles of yoga and all levels.

The reason is simple: Just as each asana is its own unique experience; each track has its own texture, its own color, and its own radiance. 

Close your eyes and visualize the vivid hues of "Prayer for Peace" during final meditation. 

Concentrate and sense the fined grained rhythm of "Slick" during your balance poses. 

Let the perfect blend of funk, world music, and jazz bring your yoga experience to the next level.

Engineered by John Dorian
Guitars and vocals: John Dorian
Bass guitar, keyboards, and drum programming: Brian Friedman
Written by: Brian Friedman with generous contributions from John Dorian

What's included?

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Prayer For Peace
11 mins
Turn Signals
10 mins
11 mins
10 mins
11 mins
Chardonnay 828
12 mins
Prayer For Peace, Pt. 2
16 mins